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Questions about the DSW Rewards Program? Get more information

If you don't see the answer to your question here, or in other areas of dsw.com Customer Service, please call shoephoria! Center at 1.866.DSW.SHOES (1.866.379.7463).
Why won't my offer code work? Back to top
Some of our offer codes are available for in store and online use, while others are only valid for one or the other. (Be sure to check the offer details to verify all redemption info.)

Some of our offer codes aren't able to be shared—they're intended for specific customers only. Because of this, all offer codes may not work for all customers.

Most of the time, you're required to be logged in to your dsw.com account to redeem offer codes or Rewards certificates. So, please log in before or during checkout.

Did you sign up for a DSW Rewards membership at a store? Make sure that your Rewards membership number is linked to your dsw.com account. Have your Rewards number from your enrollment form handy and link your information.

Keep in mind that you can use offer codes and Rewards certificate codes on the same order, but you’re limited to 3 codes total per order.
Where is my order? Who will be delivering it? Back to top
Immediately after you place an order, there is a brief period when you cannot check on it. But once it ships, you can follow its progress.

To check the status of your shipped order, track your order here. You will see information about the carrier and expected delivery date.

Please note that it can take extra time for deliveries to reach remote locations and APOs/FPOs. Also, we occasionally delay randomly-selected shipments for extra security verification.

For general information about our shipping policies and rates, go to Shipping & Returns.
What should I do if the shoe I want isn't available online? Back to top
Some shoes at dsw.com are also available in stores! If that’s the case, you can search for store availability right from the product page:
  • Choose the "Find It In Store" link on the product page. (Don’t see it? That means the item is only unavailable online–sorry!)
  • Choose your color and size
  • Enter your zip code or city/state

That's it! We'll search the universe and tell you the closest store (within 100 miles) you can find your product in.
I signed up for Rewards in a store—how do I set my account up online? Back to top
It's easy to set up your account online (then earn points on all your dsw.com purchase too)!

If you're already a DSW Rewards member, here’s how you create a dsw.com account:
How do I use my Wish List? Back to top
If you're a DSW Rewards member, you get your very own DSW Wish List! It's an amazing way to keep track of what you love, save it for later, get updates, and share with friends and family. Here's how it works:

Using Your Wish List
  • Log in with your DSW Rewards membership. Not a member? Create an account.
  • Your Wish List is ready and waiting—just hang out at dsw.com and add things you love using the "Add to Wish List" button (it's right under "Add to Bag").
  • Want to view your Wish List? Just click your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose Wish List, or click "Wish List" at the bottom of any page.
  • Buying something from your Wish List is simple—just click “Add to Bag” and check out as usual.

Sharing Your Wish List
  • It’s easy to share your Wish List on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email!
  • Just view your Wish List, then choose “Share” at the top. Pick how you want to share, type a message, and you’re good to go.
Why won't my item add to my shopping bag? Back to top
When a size is not shown (or the size box is "grayed out"), it means that size is not available in that shoe. If your browser loads web pages slowly, it may be hard to tell which sizes are being displayed. Make sure you select the right size, width, and color before adding the item to your shopping bag.
How do I receive free shipping? Back to top
Standard shipping is free for DSW Rewards members! Just log in, add at least $35 worth of stuff to your shopping bag, and use offer code SHIPR at checkout! DSW Premier Rewards members get free Next Business Day shipping! Just log in, shop, and select the Next Business Day Shipping option during checkout. (No offer code or minimum purchase!) Standard shipping is FREE for DSW Rewards members! Just log in, add at least $35 worth of products to your shopping bag, and use the free shipping code at checkout!

Get details on these offers here.
What is my DSW Rewards® points balance? Back to top
Check your balance and get other information about DSW Rewards. Remember, you’ve gotta be logged in!
Why don't I receive DSW Rewards points when I buy a gift card? Back to top
When you buy a DSW Gift Card or eGift Card, you are converting your money into "store cash" for someone else to spend. If the recipient of the gift is a DSW Rewards member, that person will earn points when redeeming the Card. It's like two gifts in one!

Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards are the only items at DSW that do not earn DSW Rewards points when purchased.
Why are there different checkout options? Back to top
Member Checkout is for DSW Rewards® members. Anyone may use Guest Checkout. Here's how they work:

Member Checkout

First, make sure you have a DSW Rewards account. If you're a DSW Rewards member who signed up in a store, link your Rewards account when you create your online account. Then all you have to do is log in, and you'll earn DSW Rewards points for your purchases
Need to link your Rewards membership to your existing dsw.com account? Link them now.

Guest Checkout

Anyone can use Guest Checkout—no account is required. But, with so many perks, DSW Rewards makes shopping so much better!

Why isn't my browser working with your site? Back to top
We generally format our site to work with the latest versions of popular browsers such Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. For the best experience, you should upgrade to the latest version of your browser.

Still having problems? Just call shoephoria! Center to place your order by phone at 1.866.DSW.SHOES (1.866.379.7463).
Does my computer need to accept cookies to shop on dsw.com? Back to top
dsw.com uses a browser feature known as a cookie, which is typically stored on your computer. Cookies help track your preferences as you go through the pages within our website. We may also use cookies to assist in the administration of your use of features and programs on our site.

We also use a technology known as "clear gifs" which are typically stored in emails to help us confirm your receipt of, and response to, our emails and to provide you a more personalized experience. If you sign up for the online features of our website, cookies may allow us to associate your navigational information with your registration information.

You may refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser. However, if you refuse cookies, we will not be able to track your order, nor will we be able to recognize you as a registered dsw.com user to allow you access to your account information.
Why am I seeing a "404" or "500" error when I attempt to access some pages? Back to top
Occasionally, you'll see these errors if your computer's cache is quite full. You can empty your cache for better results.

Errors can pop up for a lot of different reasons. Try clearing your computer's cache—sometimes this clears things up! Other times, it's an error on our end—try again later, or call shoephora! Center at 1.866.DSW.SHOES (1.866.379.7463).
How do I return merchandise purchased from a DSW Canada store or online at www.dswcanada.ca? Back to top
DSW is not able to accept returns or exchanges of merchandise purchased from any DSW Canada store or www.dswcanada.ca. If you need to return or exchange merchandise purchased from a DSW Canada Store or www.dswcanada.ca, please visit www.dswcanada.ca or contact the DSW Canada store where you made your purchase to learn about their return policy.
Why am I being told to use another payment type when I use PayPal? Back to top
We may be having issues communicating with PayPal. Try another method of payment.
Why is my PayPal transaction failing? Back to top
Log onto PayPal.com and check your account—it's possible that you have insufficient funds or that your credit card has expired.
What do "Compare At" and "You Save" mean? Back to top
At DSW, we offer our customers great brands at great prices every day. Our COMPARE AT price typically refers to the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), but when an MSRP is not available, the COMPARE AT price is our estimate of other retailers' ticketed prices for the same or similar items.

We believe our COMPARE AT prices fairly reflect the prices used by other retailers, however it's possible that others may offer the same or comparable items for less.

Happy shopping!

Compare-At Pricing

What's this "In-Store Pick-Up" thing all about? Back to top
Some items offered on our website are available for pick-up in store, including items available for Ship-to-Store (items shipped to a store of your choice for pickup in store). Not all items are available for this service nor is the service available in all stores. For same-day pickup, your order must be submitted by 6pm local time or 4 hours before closing, whichever is earlier, and the item must be available at the DSW store you selected. Ship-to-Store items are not available for same-day pickup.

You will be notified via email when your order is ready for pickup or if an item is unavailable at that store. Unless you are selecting Ship-to-Store, if your item is unavailable at that store, your order will be canceled.
How do I know if an item can be picked up in store? Back to top
On the product page choose "Check In-Store Availability" and search by your zip code or city and state. If the item is available for In-Store Pick-Up this option will be displayed in the store availability results.

The DSW In-Store Pick-Up service is not currently available in Puerto Rico.
Can I select to pick up certain items and have others shipped? Back to top
Yes! For items you still want shipped, select "Add To Bag" on the product page. If you're looking to pick up an item, select "Check In-Store Availability" and choose the store you would like to pick up from. Proceed to checkout to review your total order. Your shopping bag will be split to show items for delivery and items for In-Store Pick-Up.
Why is In-Store Pick-Up not available for my store? Back to top
We are adding new stores to the program every few weeks, so if your store isn't currently offering In-Store Pick-Up please check here often: In-Store Pick-Up Information
When will my credit card be charged? Back to top
After you place your order, your card will be authorized for the total order amount. When your order is picked up, the transaction will be finalized and your credit card will be charged.
How soon can I pick up my order? Back to top
You will be notified with a "Ready for Pick-Up" email when your order is ready. Wait until you receive this email before picking up your order. Need to know your store's hours? Head here: Store Locator
How long will you hold my order? Back to top
Once your order is ready, you will have 5 days for pick up. If your order has not been picked up within that time frame, your order will be canceled. You will not be charged for your order until your order is picked up. DSW reserves the right to limit the quantity of items ordered for In-Store Pick-Up and Ship-to-Store as well as the days of the year that the service is offered.
What do I need to bring to pick up my order? Back to top
Please bring a government-issued ID (driver's license, military ID, passport, social security card, or birth certificate) and your order confirmation email.
Can someone else pick up an order on my behalf? Back to top
Of course! Just include their name in the "Alternate Pick-Up Person" section on the billing and shipping page. The alternate pick-up person will get all emails associated with your order, so they'll know when your order is ready for pick-up too. If you select an alternate pick-up person, either you or that person can pick up your order. When picking up your order, you or your alternate pickup person must show a valid government-issued ID and the order confirmation number.
Where in the store can I pick up my order? Back to top
When you arrive at the store, either see an associate or go to the register to pick up your order.
What happens if I place an order when the store is closed? Back to top
If you're placing an order for product that is currently available, it will be ready the next day at open of business. If the order is a Ship-To-Store order, it will be available within 4–7 days. With all orders, wait until you receive the "Ready for Pick-Up" email before picking up your order.
Do I get a receipt? Back to top
You will receive an order confirmation email for In-Store Pick-Up orders when you place the order. When your order is ready for pick up you will receive a "Ready for Pick-Up" email. When you have picked up your order you will receive a "Pick-Up" confirmation email.
What happens if my order isn’t what I expect? Back to top
You can cancel the order at the store and the order will not be charged to your credit card.
Can I change my pick up store after I've placed my order? Back to top
Sorry, you cannot. Please call customer service so we can assist you.
How is my tax calculated? Back to top
For delivery orders, your tax is calculated based on the tax code where your order is delivered. For In-Store Pick-Up orders, your tax is calculated based on the tax code of the store location. If you have an order with one item for delivery and one for In-Store Pick-Up you could be charged different tax rates.
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